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"The enthusiasm for Egyptian dance that I have witnessed all over the world has encouraged me to share my own passion, past experiences and knowledge of dance in Egypt. Egyptian dance has a resilience, as well as potential to grow and embrace new styles and ideas. For anyone to truly understand the essence of dance in Egypt, and what it offers, one must understand the temperament, aesthetics, as well as the culture of the Egyptians. I share this in my many free articles, translated into many languages by dear friends around the world."

~ Farida Fahmy, Cairo 2024

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NEW BOOK, 'Farida: a memoir' Limited Collector's Edition is out now!

In 1959, four eager young Cairenes presented the début performance of their pioneering dance theater company — the Reda Troupe. They would go on to perform internationally for decades as Egypt’s premier dance troupe, inspiring audiences and generations of dancers globally to this day.

In her remarkably honest and insightful memoir, Farida Fahmy, pays homage to the four founders, including legendary choreographer Mahmoud Reda. She shares intimate glimpses into her early life, the troupe’s humble beginnings, and the priceless support they received despite many challenges. 

The Reda Troupe’s dynamism — its color, life, confidence, and festive spirit — shines brightly in the magical photos that Farida has preserved and treasured. As she reflects on her personal journey, Farida celebrates the success of Egypt’s ground-breaking troupe whose legacy endures world-wide.

LIMITED EDITION HARD COVER BOOK - $90 USD plus postage (heavy item)
Hard back, 9.5 x 11' hard back, 208 pages, glossy, gold foil embossed, certificate of authenticity of limited print. Kindly note most books have sold out and now we are in our reserves / last books!

EBOOK OPTION: ENGLISH & 13 LANGUAGES - $30 USD, immediate download
500 MB file, 208 pages, story and photos. Direct download with a link you receive by email right away!

The Artistic Impact of the Reda Troupe Series (with translations 13 languages)

1. Introduction To Articles
2. Artistic Impact of Reda Troupe
3. Aesthetics, Inspirations and Adaptations of Mahmoud Reda
4. Field Work: Mahmoud Reda’s Adaptation of Traditional and Indigenous Dance Events for Stage
5. The Difference Between
Indigenous Dance and Theater
6. The First Egyptian Theatre Dance Genre
7. Saidi Dance?
8. Mahmoud Reda’s Teaching Methodology

Reda Dance Styles & Farida's Articles

1. ‘Reminiscing’ - A Trip Down Memory Lane
2. Egyptian Dance Aesthetics
3. Dancing with the Millayah Laff
4. Al-Hagalla
5. Muwashahat Raqisah
6. Honouring Mahmoud Reda
7. Excerpt from 'The Daughter of Egypt' by Marjorie Franken
8. The Khadevial Opera House
9. Lasting Impressions
10. Designing Dance Costumes for Stage
11. Farida Fahmy: Celebrating a lifetime of Egyptian dance and cultural resilience

Farida's THESIS (available in 7 languages) & Videos

1. Farida Fahmy's UCLA Thesis:
- English
- Japanese
- Italiano
- Spanish
- Dutch
- Danish
- Afrikaans
2. Farida Documentary Film
3. Interview with Mahmoud Reda
4. Costumes of the Reda Troupe
5. Farida's Muwashahat Workshop
6. Sphinx Festival Folkloric Dance Package
7. Teacher's Seminar (audio)

Farida's Folkloric
& Vintage Costume E-Books

1. Farida Fahmy's Costume Ebooks / Costume designs of the Reda Troupe for Stage Performance:
- Al Haggala
- Nubian
- Saiidi
- Fallahat
- Milayah
- Muwashahat Dresses
- Muwashahat Pantaloons
- Full Package plus Video
2. Farida Fahmy's Vintage Costume Series