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  A warm welcome from Farida in Cairo!

Welcome to my website. I am very excited about joining the cyber-world with new articles for 2015 and the opportunity to present my costume e-books. This website is a tribute to Egyptian dance and to all the dancers over the world that have worked hard and dedicated their time and effort to promote this dance form.

I am aware of the world wide interest in the various dance traditions of my country, and it pleases me very much that this is taking place. I feel honored by all this attention because I have dedicated all my life to dance and love it with all my heart.  

I am awe-struck by the huge number of beautiful and talented dancers in many parts of the world. The enthusiasm and dedication of so many dancers is inspirational. I am also aware of the very hard work and commitment earlier teachers went through with very few sources and references to turn to in the early 1970s. Nevertheless, they produced generations of accomplished dancers who in turn are now teaching and producing numerous talented dancers.

The desire to teach and to share my dance experiences has become my new passion. The enthusiasm for the dance that I have witnessed all over the world has encouraged me to share this passion through writing about my past experiences and knowledge of dance in Egypt. I find it important to help understand the aesthetics, cultural, traditional norms and the movementt preference of the Egyptians.

Dance in Egypt has a resilience and potential to evolve and grow and embrace new styles and ideas. For anyone to truly understand the essence of dance in Egypt and what it offers, one must understand the temperament, aesthetics, as well as the cultural and social norms of the Egyptians.

In the short period I have spent teaching, I have come across misinformation and misunderstanding about what is indigenous and what is, in fact, Mahmoud Reda's artistic creativity. I realize that many dedicated and intellectually inclined dancers are trying to understand more about the various dance genres found in Egypt. The sources of correct information are sparse and far between. This has led to much confusion and misunderstanding amongst dancers everywhere.

The articles that write include my earlier experiences in the Reda Troupe and the impact this troupe had on Egypt both from the artistic and social points of view. I also feel that there is a need to explain the difference between the traditional dances of Egypt and the theatrical presentations of the Reda Troupe. Articles will range from my first-hand experiences during the years of the Reda Troupe to ideas and concepts pertaining to dance in Egypt in general that, hopefully, will inspire others.

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